About Mardox University

Welcome to Mardox University!

Mardox University is founded by Hooman Mardox as a subsidiary of Mardox.org.

Our university is a trailblazer in redefining higher education for the ambitious, the passionate, and the driven. Our university is founded on the belief that education is the cornerstone of societal advancement and personal fulfilment. We are committed to unlocking the potential of every student, guiding them to ascend into the top 1% of their fields.


Our mission is to empower and nurture students with unparalleled educational experiences, innovative learning environments, and personalized mentorship that ignites their potential, fosters excellence and prepares them to ascend into the top 1% of their fields.

Through rigorous programs, cutting-edge opportunities, and a commitment to societal impact, we dedicate ourselves to the cultivation of leaders, pioneers, and changemakers who are equipped to address global challenges and contribute meaningfully to their communities and industries.

In short, we help individuals around the world reach their maximum potential and become the top 1%.

Our goal is to impact 10,000 individuals worldwide by 2025.


We envision a world transformed by the intellectual, ethical, and innovative leadership of our graduates.

As a beacon of excellence, our university aspires to be the crucible where the brightest minds are shaped, challenged, and inspired to become the top 1% in their professions and endeavours. By fostering a community of diversity, creativity, and resilience, we aim to set new standards in education, research, and community engagement, ultimately contributing to a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Areas of focus

We focus on the following areas:

  • Social status

  • Wealth 

  • Health

  • Relationship

If you want to reach out or if you have any questions you can contact [email protected]